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New Application for PCAB

During the latest AMO seminar it was advise that NBI clearance is not necessary in renewing the license because of the tedious time to get it. My question is for the new application, do we still required to submit the AMO NBI clearance?


  • Yes. It is part of verifying whether the proposed AMO is fit to be AMO. RA 4566 and its Rules and Regulations, set minimum qualification criteria for AMOs. Some of these criteria (no conviction by a court of competent jurisdiction of any offense involving moral turpitude) can only be established through NBI clearance. The reason why is not required anymore for renewal is the fact that clearance has already previously been submitted. The AMO affidavit is therefore deemed sufficient.
  • Sir,
    Can you please shed some light on these few questions?

    For the new application of PCAB:
    1. Does the Authority to verify ITR/AFS from BIR form needed to be filled up for the application ?

    2. Is it a requirement that a company immediately be registered to SSS,Philhelth,Pagibig prior to its PCAB application?

    Looking forward to hear from you soon,

    Thank you and more power.
  • To all the questions, YES.

    Your first post was in reference to a new application. If the contractor has already engaged in contracting, it should be SSS, PagIBIG & Philhealth registered. It is a requirement by law. The same applies to BIR. If it is a new concern which has not as yet engaged in business, PCAB may be petitioned to accept the filing of the license application but the license will not be released until there is SSS, PagIBIG & Philhealth registration.
  • i have new set up construction company. Who will take the license exam? the owner or the engineer of the company? What category can we apply at first?

    Please enlighten me. Godbless!
  • The law (RA 4566) requires of every construction corporation or partnersship to have an Authorized Managing Officer (AMO). The AMO is an idividual, duly appointed as such, who, at the very least, can make management decisions, can employ and dismiss personneI, has knowledge of the industry, propperty laws, Building Code, occupational safety and health, etc. and has had at least two years experience in the construction industry. This is the person who must take the exam. In the case of a sole proprietorship, it is the owner.
    Project engineers are normally Sustaining Technical Employees (STEs).
    If you are not going to start engaging in general engineering or building but mainly sub-contract work, you should apply for a Trade license at first. It is the simplest and with the least requirements. if not, you should apply for Category D.
    For more details you may visit the PCA Metro Electronic Public Assistance Help Desk and consult its Knowledgebase. The direct link is You can also access it via the Menu items above (Help Desk & Forums).
  • how can we fill up the application form for New Application Form for Sole Proprietorship Online?we tried to filled up twice, unfortunately we are unable to write on your form. What would be the way to fill up with out downloading it.

    hoping for your immediate response
  • The forms downloaded from our site are in MS Word format, are writable and can be filled in. We are aware of some sites providing the forms in PDF format (not writable except with Adobe Acrobat Pro). You must have downloaded it from one of those sites. The forms are available from http://www, and (left margin) or from Download it there. All those forms are writable.
  • sir/madam, as AMO of our own construction firm, am i required to attend cosh seminar even as i may be assigning somebody, like my wife, for instance, to attend such seminar with the thought that eventually i will be designating her as our firm's safety officer? thanks po.
  • The license requirement to undergo the COSH course is to ensure that senior management of a construction company is fully conversant with safety requirements. This is distinct from the Safety Officer requirement under DO 13. For PCAB license purposes the course must be attended by the following.

    1. In the case of a Sole Proprietorship, the Proprietor must personally attend and complete the course;

    2. In the case of a juridical entity (corporations & partnerships), the AMO, Senior Management Officer (President, Vice President or Member of the Board) or Senior Technical Officer (STE with at least 5 years experience and holding the position of at least Project Manager) must personally attend and complete the course.

    Thus, if four firm is a sole proprietorship, you must personally attend. If it is a corporation or partnership and your wife qualifies under 2 above, she can attend.
  • sir/madam,
    If in case the sole proprietor is unable to personally attend the seminars due to health reason is it possible to appoint anybody else. Is there a way?
  • No. The word "sole" in Sole Proprietorship lays down the rule very clearly. The sole proprietor must personally attend both the AMO seminar and COSH course. The only exception is that PCAB has made a concession between spouses. Please see the following Board Resolution for details.
  • How do you determine the aggregate points?

    Is there a separate registration needed if bidding for a Govt. Project?

    It was mentioned that in a Sole Proprietorship, the proprietor can be the AMO, will it also be possible that the Sole Proprietor also be listed as one of the STE?

  • Aggregate means the minimum total number of construction experience years the STEs of a construction firm must have (differs from category to category).

    Yes. Separate Registration (Form: Government Registration - ARCC).

    Yes. The AMO (whether sole proprietor, corporation or partnership) may also be STE if he qualifies.
  • I cannot remember if I read it somewhere in your website or someone told me about it that the minimum STE construction experience is 2yrs, but when I downloaded the Categorization/ Classification Table it was stipulated that the individual minimum construction experience for an STE is 3yrs. Which one is correct?

    If I have 2 STE with 3 years experience each, does it mean that my aggregate STE credit point is 6?
  • The minimum experience of a STE is 3 years. In the case of the AMO it is 2 years. Each experience year counts 5 points. An STE with 3 years experience would add 15 points and an STE with 5 years, 25 points. For instance an AAA contractor is required to have a minimum aggregate of 60 years experience. This equates to 300 points. A Category D contractor needs an aggregate of 3 years, This equates to 15 points. We hope this clarifies the Categorization/ Classification Table.

    Two STEs with 3 years experience each is equal to 30 credit points.
  • Thanks. That's very clear.

  • Hi Good Day!
    I would like to ask, as an applicant for the new license, do I need to fill-up the PCAB Financial Statement Forms A & B? It's quite confusing since I am just starting.
  • You only include what you have. If you do not have any Plants, Vehicles or Equipment you can simply state none. The reason for this inclusion in the license application form it that these items are credited additionally over and above the credit points earned based on your net worth. Any items added in these forms must naturally be included in your Audited Financial Statement submitted to PCAB as well as BIR.

    As a start-up firm, if you have not commenced doing business, you must submit a pre-operation Audited Financial Statement.
  • what are the documents that we need to prepare in order for us to secure a PCAB Special License, our company is a foreign contractor. Thank you and we look forward for your immediate attention on this matter.
  • The requirements are set out in the APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL CONTRACTOR’S LICENSE
    by a FOREIGN CONTRACTOR which may be downloaded from
  • good pm,. i read that all licenses will expire by the end of CFY which is i think June. for example a contractor files for a new pcab license in january 2014, will his liceense expire by June 2014? pls enlighten me on this. thank u
  • By law all PCAB licenses expires annually on 30 June. This is irrespective of when the license application was filed or granted. In answer to your question, a license granted in January 2014 must be renewed by 30 June 1014.

    For the record, it is not necessary to post 3 exact similar posts in 3 different categories in this forum. In fact, such posting could get you banned from the Forum.
  • sir, good day. regarding application to pcab as a corporation, the 70% share of the AMO must be in terms of what type of capital? (authorized, subscribd,paid up or combination thereof?) thank you sir..
  • You are confusing the AMO with the minimum Filipino equity requirement for PCAB licenses. Foreign equity is limited to a maximum of 40% of the total equity. However, to qualify for participation in government projects the maximum foreign equity is 25%. The Filipino-Foreign equity participation and equivalent management control is the subject of PCAB Board Resolution No. 605 series of 2011. It, among other things, require a minimum of 60% Filipino paid up capital of the total paid up capital Your questions are fully answered in this Board Resolution. This is the link for download:

    i have a SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP DTI construction company, and im not a Engineer. I want to have a PCAB license. Am i qualified? even though im not a engineer? Someone told me that you can't apply for PCAB in Sole Proprietorship because im not an engineer.

  • You, Sole Proprietor, are required to have at least two years experience in construction to qualify for a PCAB license. You do not have to be an engineer. For technical qualification, depending on the classification and category applied for you will be required to employ one or more licensed professionals with a minimum of 3 years legitimate construction site experience in the classification applied for.
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